Arrow The TV Show Mod V.1 [Timed Detonation Arrows]

Hey everyone,

[Update V.2 will have custom explosion radius, Blackout and Net arrows]

    Other's have made "Explosive Arrows" mods, and what not. This mod that I am bringing you is different.
Once you download it, and import it into BlockLauncher you will need to run a command to activate it. 
Type: /arrow delay ***
*** Put the delay (in seconds) that you want here.

Now, Pull back the arrow and release. After the designated amount of time, it will explode.
Unlike other mods like this, if you are to pick up the arrow before it explodes, it will NOT explode. :D 

So without further adieu, the download link for this mod!

Buy for $0.25 (No ads)



  1. I clicked on 5 adfocus ads and I still haven't gotten a download link

  2. How do I install the .bin files as mods?

    1. Use our download manager and get recommended downloads

      When you see this un-check it then download

  3. It says Failed to import patch

    1. Hmmm... I'll have to look into this. Make sure if you are using the free version that you only have 2 scripts at a time

      Email me at if you need further assistance. :)