How to install ModPE Mods

On Android

Step 1:
Install BlockLauncher  GooglePlayAmazonAppstoreFREE BETA (For 0.8.1)

Step 2:
Open  BlockLauncher and press the Wrench button.

Step 3:
Tap "Manage ModPE Scripts".

Step 4:
Tap "Import"

Step 5:
Tap "Local storage" , and select the .js file that you downloaded

Step 6:
Play MPCE With mods!

On iOS (Must be jailBroken and be useing Minecraft PE 0.7.2)

How To Install ModPE v0.5 Alpha
Step 1:
Add this repo:

Step 2:
Search for ModPE Installer, or just browse the repo you just added, and find ModPE Installer.

Step 3:
Install ModPE Installer

Step 4:
Open ModPE Installer and Click Install

Step 5.1:
Restart Minecraft PE if it is open!

Step 5.2:
Go to and make a new script.

Step 5.3:
Select all the code in it and delete it.

Step 5.4:
Paste the code from the .js file then hit save.

Step 5.4:
Remember the script id in the top right corner.

Step 6:
Press the "T" Button and Enter the Script id.

Step 7:
Play Modded Minecraft PE!

If you have ANY questions concerning installing Mods please leave a comment! 

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